Our Goals


To establish & fund The National HHT Screening and Treatment Centre in Ireland with the assistance of the said medical personnel and for the common good of the Irish public, and to fund a Patient Co-Ordinator and equipment for this centre on a continual basis (opened January 2003 at the University Mercy Hospital Cork).

2.   To organise and market various means of fundraising to provide the capital required to fund the intentions of the foundation.

To contribute to the HHT Foundation International, Inc; to assist the global efforts of selected research facilities in determining the causes of HHT and to assist in the furthering genetic research towards a clinical DNA Blood Test and an eventual cure.


To pay or part-pay the expenses of the Irish Medical/Scientific personnel who travel to establish experts in other HHT centres globally. To encourage some personnel to treat Irish sufferers locally and nationally.


To assist in this endeavour by application for Government and EU funding, such as may be available.


To pay or part-pay expenses of HHT specialists globally who travel to Ireland to give lectures, seminars, carry out proceedures in Irish hospitals and share knowledge with the Irish Medical Profession, and to facilitate and fund seminars and source expert advice for our members and patients.


To furnish a regular newsletter to our members and to a wider medical community and to provide up-to-date information on developments in research to patients, doctors and consultants.